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Buy a Food Plant Disc

Want to know more about the food plants of Tasmania or the whole of Australia? Discs have been created, which include extracts on all the plants of these regions and other interesting information on the plants and plant families.

Edible Plants in Tasmania

The CD titled “Edible Plants in Tasmania” contains detailed information on almost 1,400 edible plants occurring in Tasmania including natives, introduced plants and weeds.

Food Plants in Australia

A DVD titled “Food Plants in Australia” contains information on the 5,500 edible plants occurring nationally. A bonus folder withinformation on specific food groups is also included on the disk.

Proceeds from just one disk will help to improve the life of 50 children in a developing country.

Both disks can be purchased using PayPal.  If you need a MAC version of the disk,  please notify us at info@foodplantsolutions.org.

Please note, as the Food Plants International database is a work in-progress, both of these discs are also works in progress.

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