Develop a School or Community Garden

Around the world it is exciting to see gardens being worked in and enjoyed by children and community members.  The idea that children in schools, for instance, can grow and then eat their own produce as part of the curriculum is powerful.

Food Plant Solutions Rotarian Action Group encourages this activity especially when it is based on local or indigenous food plants, sustainability and variety.

With this as our focus, we have created a School and Community Gardens pamphlet.  Simple and direct in its design and well illustrated, this could provide the basis for starting a school or community garden.

Children have a great influence on their parents.  Indeed parents even learn from them, so we encourage you to take action by downloading this pamphlet and sharing it.

School and Community Gardens Pamphlet – English

School and Community Gardens Pamphlet – Indonesian

School and Community Gardens Pamphlet – Portuguese

School and Community Gardens Pamphlet – Spanish

School and Community Gardens Pamphlet – Chinese

And, if you require practical advice on how to start a garden download our ‘How to start a garden‘ bulletin.

We encourage and welcome your feedback.  Please contact us at info@foodplantsolutions.org

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