Every minute 5 children under the age of 5 die from malnutrition . . . Every Child Matters . . . Local Plants Suit Local Conditions


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Many people associate eating with easing hunger. Those affected by both malnutrition and over-nutrition may not know that feeling full does not necessarily equate to having adequate nutrition.

In Tasmania, Food Plant Solutions wants to introduce people to a range of healthy, edible plants, which they may then choose to source or grow themselves. We hope to influence people’s thinking with regards to food choices through education, by showing them scientific evidence in an accessible way, which empowers them to make change.

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‘A guide to nutritious food plants of Tasmania’ can be purchased for $23 AUD, including postage (within Australia) and GST.

This contains approximately 40 edible plants, from all the major food groups with information for each plant including; how to grow, where to grow, what parts are edible, nutritional information and a photo to assist with identification. Contact us at info@foodplantsolutions.org to place your order.

Feedback on any publication is invited and much appreciated – info@foodplantsolutions.org

All files are in PDF format. Please download Adobe Reader to view them.

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