Every minute 5 children under the age of 5 die from malnutrition . . . Every Child Matters . . . Local Plants Suit Local Conditions

*Annual Membership fee of $A30 for individual members

*Annual Membership fee of $A100 for clubs

Food Plant Solutions Rotary Action Group

The Food Plant Solutions RAG was launched at the Rotary International Convention in New Orleans on Sunday, 22 May 2011.

The objectives of Food Plant Solutions Rotary Action Group are to:

  • End hunger, malnutrition and ensure food security for ALL.
  • Achieve the above by identifying highly nutritious local food plants and promoting their production using agroecological methods.
  • Promote food production practices that help to mitigate climate change.

Every child deserves the right to thrive:

  • Join Food Plant Solutions Rotary Action Group; individual, club, district and through the creation of Chapters.
  • Facilitate the establishment of a Food Plant Solution Rotary Action Group program in a new or existing project.
  • Help us to raise funds or gain sponsorship to help sustain our valuable work.
  • Promote Food Plant Solutions Rotary Action Group and its potential to Rotarians, clubs and districts internationally.

Get Involved and Join Us

Technical Support Specialists

Link your skills in agronomy or botany to work with members of the technical team to develop technical resources on edible plants. Formal qualifications in Agronomy, Agricultural Science or related disciplines are essential.

Technical Support Manager

Utilising your formal qualifications in Agronomy, Agricultural Science or related disciplines, you will manage the Technical Team to develop resources for countries with chronic malnutrition problems. Your eye for detail, strong communication and time management skills will ensure that resources are not only accurate but delivered to those that need them most in a timely manner.


Are you an experienced webmaster with a flair for delivering messages that capture people’s attention? Do you have experience in hosting, web design and management and creation of a Content Management System? If so, then we are eager to hear from you!

Promotional Coordinator

Marketing and communication your forte? We require a dynamic and experienced Promotional Coordinator who can raise awareness about this innovative project locally, nationally and internationally. A diverse approach is required to link us with other existing projects and organisations, expand our supporter and volunteer base, increase donations and help to identify prospective sponsors.


Are your talents not reflected in the roles described above, but you would still like to be involved? Then talk to us about your skills and how you would like to assist. The power of one, someone just like you, can indeed make a difference and we would welcome your contribution.

Contact Us Today

    Food Plant Solutions Rotary Action Group
    PO Box 690, Devonport TAS 7310, Australia

    EMAIL: info@foodplantsolutions.org