World President Ian Risely has declared “Rotary: Making a Difference” the theme for this Rotary year, 2017/18. President Ian Risley has stated his desire for a tree to be planted for each Rotarian around the world, so that we could all make a difference to the world’s climate.

In speaking with World President Ian, it is important that these trees are not just planted and left to take in Co2, but that they also be useful in areas in the world where malnutrition rates are high.

Food Plant Solutions Rotary Action Group, has put together a document to assist you with both of these goals – Potentially  Important Trees for all Countries of the World.   The recommended trees are useful for both these things – nutritionally sound and a CO2 sink.

Perhaps groups of clubs in your district could partner in a global grant, with clubs in a country most in need, to fulfill this goal.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us at with any queries.